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The Road We’re On | The Chevrolet Project | by Leigh Caraccioli – Branding intrigues me. I love representing individuals, organizations and  brands with photography. So when I was approached to do this photography project with Chevrolet capturing real, local people and their unique Chevy ownership stories, I took the bait. Creating photos true to Chevrolet’s brand while authentic to each of these Dayton folks was delightfully challenging. The storytelling project is part of Chevy’s Centennial celebration which included many other photographers across the country. Please check out their photo sets and stories on The Road We’re On main site. Gathering the stories while taking the photos, I learned that what we drive is often intrinsic to who we are. Here is a sampling of my photo sets, these interesting owners and their personal Chevy stories. Passion Born.

Don Boeke | Automotive Collector/Restyler in Dayton, Ohio |1961 Corvette Roadster, 1965 Corvette Coupe, 1967 Corvette Roadster

When Don Boeke (known locally as The Egyptian) got out of the Navy in ’61 he had saved enough to get his first car, a brand new 1961 Corvette Roadster.

Sitting in that first car today, Don explains that the Roadster is undergoing a makeover which he calls intense, insane customizing. Don’s collection of car is comprised of 40+ new and vintage automobiles and motorcycles in his 6000 square-foot restoration and repair shop. It is a man cave. Smells like motor oil and dust, the place is laquered wall-to-wall in automotive history.
Don says his first love and current automotive passion is the Corvette.  He restores them laborious and in exquisite detail to their former luster. He admits, “I find that when I get them exactly how I want ‘em, I don’t want to let ‘em go.” Nine of them still grace his garage in the Dayton shop.

He has always been drawn to the throttled machismo of the Corvette. Felt it suited his personality through the years. The wave of a fellow Corvette owner passing by is like connecting with a family member, a special automotive community. “When you drive a Corvette, you are part of a family. But most of all, I just like the performance of them. Always have. Always will,” Don says.

1953 East 3rd.St | Dayton Ohio 45403 | USA | PH.(937) 252-0401