Circa 1910; William Harley and Arthur Davidson were known for their hard living and gambling ways, it was no surprise given the nature of their newly formed business venture. One evening at the Faro tables, Davidson raised his bet that Harley couldn’t cover so he wagered the name of the company putting Davidson’s name first if he lost. And lose he did.

Being true to his word William Harley changed the sign on the building the very next day and that days production would include the only badged Davidson-Harley in existence.

William, never one to admit defeat, offered Arthur “double or nothing” on a coin toss for the name and had major league umpire Cleatus “Stinky” Jacobs officiate the toss. (Jacobs was later to be the umpire for the infamous 1919 World Series) Arthur won and the name was returned to the historic icon we know and recognize today.

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