Dayton Originals


The Egyptian is Don Boeke, and owner of The Egyptian Body Shop.  An artist in metal, paint, fiber glass, carbon fiber or any media of his choosing, he garners a national recognition yet hides among us in plain sight! Creating some of the worlds most beautiful and outrageous automotive statements have made his name synonymous with extreme quality and personalization. For 55 years, one of America’s top bike, automotive customization, paint, and body shops has won national awards, been featured in countless publications, displayed in world renown art museums, and has been located right here. His shop is an unpretentious old sign and fixture manufacturing plant on Dayton’s East end. It also serves as his home and art studio. At 60,000 square feet, there’s room. Don is just the kind of talent that refuses definition. One day he’s designing a motorcycle, the next it’s furniture. To know the Egyptian is to know that no matter what, whatever he touches is changed forever. He raises heart rates and makes smiles. Oh, and he plays saxophone, scuba dives ship wrecks, collects antique fire hydrants… there’s a lot that goes into the makings of a Dayton Original. Don “the Egyptian” Boeke has it by the truck load! See full story – click here

1953 East 3rd.St | Dayton Ohio 45403 | USA | PH.(937) 252-0401